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    Learning Mobility-Opening European Minds

    Intergenerational work-based learning in SME

    Work Based Intergenerational Learning in SME

    - Internal Workspace -

    Blended learning course for ATP4SME

    The project will introduce the concept of an Accessible Tourism Promoter in the SMEs. These promoters have the task to continuously and competently realise accessibility in the touristic enterprises and institutions.



    ValiSkills 2 - Validierung informeller Kompetenzen

    ERASMUS+ (2015-2017)


    Infos & Tipps zu Auslandsaufentahlten
    mit Azubi-Mobil

    VET towards ECVET covers the consideration of ECVET in training related to tourism notably Seller in touristic area.  The project will answer the need in the selling sector especially in tourism area to prove mastery of a foreign language and crosscultural approach to the profession to address customer appropriately


    Hier im internen Bereich des IHK-Bildungszentrums finden unsere Teilnehmer und Dozenten Lehrgangsmaterialien, Stundenpläne, eLearning-Inhalte,...